We are dedicated to sharing a different perspective, setting the record straight, exposing facts about sources of information, and telling that other side to the all-too-often one-sided stories.

We believe there is extreme bias in the media and a laziness shown by reporters who constantly report statements as facts and who don’t even seek the basic understanding of who their sources are or what motivates them.

We have grown tired of so-called truth tellers who regularly spew false information with the real intent of gaining clicks and pushing propoganda for their own peresonal gain and satisfaction.

This is website is an attempt to share some of that information.

Just because an individual or an organization says they are a “watchdog group” are “non-partisan” are for “a better Utah” or “ethical government” that doesn’t mean we should just take their word for it. It is often the case that these individuals/organizations have their own ethical or legal issues.

We seek to better understand and highlight the media, specific organizations, and individuals by providing detail on their reporting, causes, issues, agenda and related associates.

We will do this through opposition research, investigations, fact checking, and yes – I’m sure a little spin. We won’t claim to be something we aren’t. We don’t claim to always be 100% accurate, but we will do our best to be. What we share will be done to help keep things more intellectually honest, transparent and shed some light on what you’ve been told.